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What started in the backrooms of scientific labs (read our story here) has grown into a team of experts in a wide spectrum of fields, all united by an ability to understand and analyze data. Team Nobi's diverse expertise complements the broad application of our solution with real-world knowledge and decades of experience across many verticals. This uniquely positions Nobi to function effortlessly as an extension of your team.
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Michael Dey

Principal & Co-Founder

Founded Nobi, including arranging initial financing, core team selection and establishing the brand. Instrumental in development of Nobi’s research, products development and beta-testing, before going to market. Designed the systems to support and enhance the work of a high-grade professional team. Continues to allot 60% of his time to client technical work in the field (being a part of the initial business model/management). Client experience in retail, insurance, healthcare, utilities, call centers, sales, marketing/media mix optimization and spend allocation, financial services, manufacturing, construction, real estate, education. Manages all aspects of the business through a small administrative team. MA in business (Marietta College, OH).

Randy Brown

Senior Scientist

Randy Brown specializes in the evaluation of complex interventions for Medicare/Medicaid populations. Dr. Brown led many major CMS studies, bringing the strongest approaches to policymakers. Co-authored numerous reports to Congress for CMS, and is frequently invited to present to key government agencies (including CBO, OMB, USAID, and MedPAC), foundations, AcademyHealth, and the National Academy of Medicine.

Experienced in statistical design and control, working with Nobi over a decade and co-leading projects for health plans, especially in care management & disease management. Formerly a senior fellow Mathematica Policy Research in Princeton, NJ. PhD, Economics, University of Wisconsin.

Dave Coit

Senior Researcher

Behind Nobi’s practical approach is extensive theoretical work and research to ensure client solutions solve problems and contribute EBITDA, safely, reliably. Dave brings the high-level research, translated into practical language and methods. After a long career in contract research he transitioned back to academia while maintaining a hands-on problem-solving workload to fuel his research topics. Currently Professor of Industrial/Systems Engineering at Rutgers University, with over 70 papers published in refereed journals. Advises PhD students in addition to full teaching role. BSME (Cornell), MBA (RPI), MS & PhD (IE, U. Pittsburgh).

Kelley David

Research Assistant

Kelley brings vast experience/qualifications in education (including in Europe), supporting Nobi’s clients in that space, both pre-K through 12 and university. Specifically, education data specification (including survey design) and later compilation requires knowledge of teaching work and the administrative aspects, so that Nobi’s statistical designs and controls can be executed then analyzed. Also, technical writing/review. BM (Eastman/U.Rochester), MA (Bowling Green/Tours, France), MA (Penn State).

Kieron Dey

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Expert in practical data science and process improvement/innovation. Started in epidemiology at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London under the direction of A.V. Swan, then Hirst Research Center, London, apprenticing with Joan Keen, a pioneer in statistical methods for industry. 30+ years’ statistical consulting in most industries and problem types. Extensive expert witnessing experience in complex regulatory matters and in litigation defense. Has held scientific advisor/technical leader positions in corporations up to $2B in size, since 1988.

Pioneered large statistical design and control for 25+ years and worked extensively with world leaders in the field including Professor George E.P. Box, Professor Noriaki Kano, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Brian Joiner, Dr. W. Golomski, Dr. Larry H. Crow, Dr. Randy Brown.

Dey’s book “Competitive Improvement and Innovation: Statistical Design and Control” (2014: CRC Press) translates, without mathematical notation, for anyone to read, and features diverse industrial, education and government cases. Has given equal attention to management aspects of using powerful analytics strategically, through vast experience with corporate and government executives/directors. B.Sc. mathematics and statistics (U. Reading, England), MBA (RPI, New York). Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (FSS).

Woody Greene

Director: New Business Development

Since 1998, Greene has been helping companies improve competitive position by implementing the principles of TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean.

Greene’s background includes years with K2, Inc a NYSE Company, where he was Vice President of Quality and Process Improvement. While at K2, Greene developed and implemented the annual strategic planning process as well as a systematic approach to continuous improvement, CI. As a result, several K2 divisions achieved significant improvements in quality, cost and/or service. This focus on continuous improvement helped the company show a 75 percent increase in organic growth and a 232 percent increase in profits from 1991 to 1997. The K2 Ski Division won the 1995 USA Today Quality Cup Award for large manufacturing companies. While at K2, Greene served as President of the Shakespeare Composite Products Division for eighteen months.

Prior to joining K2, Inc., Greene was Director of Consulting and Seminar Activities at QualPro, Inc. a Deming based total quality consulting firm (1988-1991). While at QualPro, Greene served as the lead consultant for several major clients including Milliken & Company, Boise Cascade and Southwestern Bell (AT&T). Greene also spent sixteen years in engineering and management with Oxford Industries a NYSE private label apparel producer.

Prior to joining Oxford, Greene taught for five years at Clemson University and Southern Technical College in Marietta, Georgia. Greene earned a BS in Textile Technology from North Carolina State University and a MS in Textile Science and Industrial Management from Clemson University.

Greene has been married to Lucy for 53 years and has one child and one grandchild.

Michael Joliat


With Nobi since inception, Michael maintains the Nobi website and develops materials supporting new client discussions before engagement. Design, graphics, artwork and production of seminar manuals/ “props”, in collaboration with technical team. Works extensively in email, print, social media and web advertising utilizing data-based solutions and analysis. BA in Advertising & Public Relations (Marietta College, OH).

Roger Longbotham


Dr. Roger Longbotham has 20+ years’ experience in data science in many industries, including online and offline experimentation, modeling (using statistical and machine learning methods) and process improvement. Conducted hundreds of seminars for industry as well as graduate courses in statistics and business. At Microsoft, Roger led the development of the analytic capabilities for the Experimentation Platform (the online experimentation capability used in Bing, MSN and many other online properties). Prior to Microsoft, he led the analytics for the online testing platform at Ph.D. in Statistics from Florida State University.

Arpad Vass

Senior Scientist

Accomplished, experienced scientist with diverse expertise including a multi-year research assignment in Antarctica. Sophisticated work in noise reduction and real-time data analysis to detect specific signals by comparison to reference signatures. Statistical skills include: ROC curves, signal processing algorithms, linear models, forecasting and manufacturing engineering for systems noise-reduction algorithms are programmed into.

Over 60 peer-reviewed publications in the scientific/technical/engineering literature. Instructor at the National Forensic Academy. TED conference speaker (2012). Board certified medical technician (CLS, ASCP). BS in biology, MS in forensic science/justice administration, PhD in physical/forensic anthropology (U. Tennessee). US Antarctic Service Medal.

nobi's advisors

Ed Mueller

Veteran former CEO of leading brands including retail and telecommunications, Ed brings vast management experience to Nobi’s delivery of data science solutions in industry, and adapting to how organizations perform.

Tim Baer

Mathematical statistician with 35 years’ experience putting it to work problem-solving throughout industry. Instrumental in original design of Nobi’s technical approach. MS in statistics (Purdue).

Steve Grady

Primary reviewer of Nobi’s published technical reference book, with a long career in statistical/IT consulting. PhD in econometrics.