nobi's verticals

Industries where Nobi excels

The Nobi solution is deployable across all industries and problem types, and the unique scalability of our work means that we are able to tackle problems large and small in scale. The Nobi methodology ignores industry boundaries and can be deployed to any measurable problem.

Despite the wide breadth of applications, Nobi has unique specialization in several industry verticals, including:
Expert Witnessing
Forecasting & Logistics
Manufacturing & Engineering
Marketing, Retail, & Sales
Travel & Tourism
Utilities & Telecomms
We often find ourselves applying learnings from one industry to another, and it is not uncommon to find solutions to education challenges in the CM/DM space, or manufacturing answers in retail data. It is our diverse and broad client base that not only differentiates the Nobi Solution but also adds to its efficacy.

Reach out to us to discuss your business challenges, and learn how we can assist you in unlocking their solutions.