nobi's story

our background

Our story began years ago when collaborating with radar engineers: we were struck by how small signals could be detected in large amounts of noise, using statistical algorithms programmed into real-time systems. And by how operators could read a simple display to identify distant objects and solve problems.

We wondered why this wasn't used in business (to find competitive solutions in data suffering large amounts of clutter). In the mid-1980s we had the chance to try it… we were brought in on an urgent business revenue problem: it had to be solved fast, properly, and with large results that would sustain long-term. We had only one shot and there would have been no second chances. We used standard, advanced analytics, in a novel way.
The high success of the work reverberated and we repeated the approach hundreds of times in most industries and government problem types.

Our team’s veteran executive (Ed Mueller) pointed out we had also to implement data science solutions and prove the gain (showing also cause and effect). This was the hardest part and after 2 full years’ research and prototyping, we incorporated it into our data science suite. (Here we went back to our roots and used feedback-control, translated into simple graphs for everyone to use.)

nobi today

nobi has grown up around data

Nobi formed in 2011 when Michael Dey saw a gap in data science methods and brought the original team back together to build a client-centric firm poised to solve complex long-standing problems.

Today, we specialize in custom data science solutions. Our work spans all industries and problem types, and the Nobi team specializes in translating seemingly complex answers into non-technical language utilizing simple data displays that can be successfully deployed across your organization.