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Nobi is the latest evolution in the performance improvement industry utilizing Statistical Designed experimental methods. Nobi’s Scientific Advisor is Kieron Dey, a leader and authority in the field of statistical design with a management and organizational integration. About a dozen veteran professionals round out our team, averaging two decades of experience. While our team is primarily comprised of seasoned professionals, we also have a couple of younger professionals who are well-versed in web-based applications of statistical design. Kieron is also teamed up with Michael Dey, founder of the firm, who saw the need for a new company that would take the commercial capabilities of statistical design and make a difference on a global scale.

Together, they serve clients worldwide, within most industries. From R&D to manufacturing, increased sales to customer satisfaction, improving education to healthcare, retail sales to complex end-goal web optimization. From customer retention to reduced rework and increased efficiency, we are among the best in the world at what we do: unlocking counter-intuitive answers for our clients. By using technically sophisticated, highly proven, powerful methods—especially in multi-channel optimization-- Nobi; utilizing simultaneous designs, is able to deliver an easily understandable and accessible implementation model.

Our Partners

We work alongside our clients—Our efforts start at the top levels of organizations, and quickly become a ground-swell effort from the entire team. While our methods are highly complex, we make them accessible and simple for our clients by using their language and providing them with as much or as little knowledge of our methods as they want. In many cases, especially when our clients engage us for a multi-year period, team members within client organizations display an aptitude and hunger for learning and using Statistical Design.

We’re happy to provide tailored training to team members, but it’s generally most productive after an organization has run a few experiments with our methods to begin outlining training programs using clients' actual project data.

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PHONE | (865) 200-5118

EMAIL | mdey@nobigroup.com

MAIL | P.O. Box 7024 | Oak Ridge, TN 37831

Key Team:

Nobi has a dozen additional team members, each with extensive statistical experience and specific additional skill sets.

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