What We Do

Nobi's scientists specialize in using complex mathematical modeling techniques and applied statistics in the form of experimental design to help our clients achieve their objectives. Whether your organization is trying to improve health for thousands, more effectively educate students, increase sales volume, improve/increase manufacturing production, reduce costs, or increase margins, our methods allow for quick and sustainable realization of your goals.

All companies and organizations aim to improve performance. Getting it done in today’s complex, data-rich, competitive environment is hardly simple, but Nobi’s techniques and methods make it manageable.

Through Statistically Designed experimentation, we provide verifiable proof of the measured effectiveness of proposed changes to an existing way of thinking, and business as usual. In other words—we explore and test the ways in which your organization proposes to innovate, achieve competitive advantage, and overtake average to become extraordinary.

The ideas we use today began to form when working on radar and sonar design in the 1970's. The idea behind these systems is a simple one, and remains miraculous today even though in common usage. It’s simply a principle that energy is fired out into the atmosphere and bounces off objects to determine their location, and appears as a blip on a radar screen. Those blips are the answers to our clients questions and once statistical analysis is applied, a clear picture begins to form.

Our efforts are executed quickly, effectively, and through beautiful, wondrously complex mathematically driven methods. For our clients, they feel paradoxically simple and allow for the realization of elegant solutions.

Clients notice some unusual aspects to our work. We quickly study and learn processes in different ways than previously considered.

We’re always striving to understand how things work so our clients can make them work better. It often feels that we’re moving across the flow of accepted knowledge of the business and this culminates in counter-intuitive findings of surprise to most. It has been said that when we discuss findings-- things appear in a new, different light that’s compelling.