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In today’s sound-bite culture there are difficulties with reducing wondrously complex, fascinating stories down to a few words or pictures. We do, however, summarize in our single page client client reports, backed up with a feel for the complexities.

Rather than giving cherry-picked case studies, we always publish our most recent case. No matter what the results, all are archived and available for review. We liken what we do to heart surgery, procedures are almost invariably successful once a case is accepted. There are varying degrees of success and a portfolio of projects preserves the most accurate statement of overall findings.

HIGHER EDUCATION | Improving Academic Performance
Nobi pioneered improvement of mathematics education in 2012, helping to achieve a 10.3%-ile shift in nation-wide comparisons. This initial work paved the way for new applications at the university level, with three separate projects aimed at increasing student performance. Continue Reading >>>

SALES | Data Driven Solution for Increasing High Dollar Purchases
Direct mail and e-mail campaigns are well known to be a powerful, targeted marketing tactic that can achieve high ROI/results. This is even truer when a statistical design is teamed with the campaign to augment current sales performance. Continue Reading >>>

CUSTOMER SERVICE | Reducing In-Person Payments
A Customer Service Department collected monthly payments from customers online, at self-service kiosks, by direct debit budget plans or in-person. The client was interested in reducing the number of in-person payments in favor of automated options, as the cost per payment was much lower. Continue Reading >>>

RETAIL SALES | Innovation During A Recession
An international manufacturer of home, office and hotel products had experienced negative sales “comps” during recession. Reinvention, more so than improvement, occurred suddenly and was sustained using statistical design. This turned about 25% of the stores to positive “comps” during the study, which showed clear solutions in 30 days. A 9.8% increase in sales followed after results were implemented in all stores. Continue Reading >>>

EDUCATION | Tested Educational Model Yields 10%+ Growth
An already high-performing and innovative school district utilized Statistical Design to uncover the specific, proven best practices for students and teachers within their district. Through using a standardized test proven to accurately measure the amount each student has learned after a semester of instruction, Nobi and the district were able to increase student performance significantly through the evaluation of innovative new ideas in the instructional model. Continue Reading >>>

HEALTHCARE | Health at Home, not Hospital
In the past couple of decades, Care and Disease Management (CM/DM) has grown sharply, responding to greater need for healthier living. The clinical models are various, often including telephonic nursing care. Measurements include hospitalizations averaging $10,000 each; re-admits; ER visits; adherence to medications; quality of life; etc. Simultaneous statistical design offers a solution since thousands of people in a population are given care by separate teams of care providers. Mathematically, this problem-type is similar to multi-channel retail sales optimization. Continue Reading >>>

CALL CENTER | Using Customer Complaints to Help All Customers
Executive complaints call centers were used to drive back to preventive changes and new innovations. This is further back than “root causes,” in view of the need to optimize preventive solutions. The effort required no more energy—instead harnessing the customers’. And a little science. Continue Reading >>>

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