The beautiful thing about statistically based experimentation is that it is universal. It works the same way in California or New York, in manufacturing, or on problems with a human element. As long as the problem we aim to solve can be measured, even with an invented or alternate metric, then Statistical Design can be applied.

Through the evaluation of 20 proposed changes or ideas, Nobi is effectively analyzing 1,048,576 different management options (220).

In other words, each idea is either “on” or “off” within the test, and with 20 ideas, we’re testing 20 things on or off, in all possible combinations, providing valuable data sets in a fraction of the time it would take utilizing conventional A/B testing methods.

Recruiting firms want better candidates, the education field demands greater performance from students and teachers, and the entire healthcare industry, from patient care to administration needs stronger solutions and better treatments in less time, with fewer hospital admissions. Websites are no longer deemed successful solely by driving traffic and have complex end goals, plus R&D must be done quicker to ensure advantage over domestic and international competitors.

Service must be completed quicker, calls need to be resolved the first time. More and more processes in business are creating volumes of data. In the fields of Science & Statistics, we’re among the most qualified and experienced. We innovate existing statistical practices, tailoring them to fit your needs.
Through a historical analysis, we see where innovation could be hiding. Then, after interviewing everyone who has their hands on a piece of the objective, we put together a Statistical Design. This allows us to evaluate all ideas and interventions in a process, find the synergies, and determine the best way to achieve the given objective.


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