Michael Dey | President & CEO

Michael was catalyst behind the growth of Nobigroup, and made the idea of a company that would be the “next evolution of a Statistical Design specialists” into a reality. Dey has a strong understanding of the business and how to best serve clients. Michael also has innovative ideas for taking statistical design and making a mainstream management tool.

Michael Dey began his statistical apprenticeship under Kieron Dey in 2008. At that time, he began executing designs in the field on pro-bono projects. The shift from his business and marketing background to organizational management and applied statistics lends Michael the ability to work in many dimensions. From designing and analyzing highly technical designed experiments, to making complex theoretical mathematics concepts relatable for clients, Michael’s skills are an essential addition to an already strong management team. Michael’s talents lend themselves to making Nobigroup’s methods accessible, understandable, and user-friendly for clients.

Under Michael’s direction, Nobigroup has grown to serve several industries across the country. Along with creating and sustaining growth, Michael has created a company with founding principles that ensure statistical design is used to make a positive, significant impact on the world.


Marietta College | Marietta Ohio
M.A. Marketing and Business, 2009
Marietta College | Marietta Ohio
B.A. Advertising/Public Relations · Management, 2008