Kieron Dey | Chief Scientist

Kieron Dey studied mathematics, statistics and management in London and New York. Elected Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (1975). Expert in practical process improvement/innovation. Has held scientific advisor/technical director/chief scientist positions in corporations up to $2B in size since 1985.

Started in epidemiology at St. Thomas' Hospital, London (1973) under the direction of A.V. Swan, then Hirst Research Center, London, apprenticing with Joan Keen, a pioneer in statistical methods for industry.

15 years in reliability/biometrics (interrupted by 5 years in radar/sonar). Joined IIT Research Institute (1981); total of 34 years' statistical consulting and education/courses in most industries.

Published several papers, most recently on analysis of life data with complex censoring (with Dr. D. W. Coit).

Pioneered large statistical design and control for 25+ years and worked extensively with world leaders in the field including Professor George E.P. Box, Professor Noriaki Kano, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Brian Joiner, Dr. W. Golomski, Dr. Larry H. Crow, Dr. Randy Brown.

A book "Competitive Improvement and Innovation: Statistical Design and Control" is scheduled for 2014 publication, featuring diverse industrial cases including healthcare.

Has given equal attention to management aspects through vast experience with corporate and government executives/directors.